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4250 Geer


+32 476 / 58 22 87


On arrival at our facility, all potatoes are sorted and sized before being stored in crates.

Sizing involves placing the tubers on mats with holes of specific sizes. The mats can be swapped in order to obtain the desired sizes. 


We can supply the following sizes:


  • 20-32
  • 20-35
  • 20-38
  • 32-38
  • 38-50
  • 38-55
  • 38-60
  • 50+
  • 55+
  • 60+

Sizes are expressed in millimetres. The 20-30 size range includes all tubers that exceed 20 mm but are smaller than 30 mm, while the 50+ size range encompassed all tubers measuring 50 mm or more.


Here are the various packaging types we offer.

The potatoes are harvested, sized and stored in 1,250 kg crates. The can be collected in their crates or repackaged in bulk bags, smaller bags, small boxes or consumer bags. All potatoes are brushed before being repackaged.

We can also wash the goods before removal. Contact us for more informations.


Packaging options :


  • Bulk (min. 1,250 kg)
  • Crates: 1,250 kg
  • Bulk bags: 1,250 kg
  • Smaller bags: 10-25 kg
  • Small boxes: 5 kg
  • Consumer bags: 2.5 kg

You can pick up your order in person from our facility.

We do offer a delivery service, although conditions apply. Please contact us for more information.